Healthy Roots Integrative Wellness Center

Space/room rental available hourly, daily, PT / FT for Wellness Practitioners. Email us for more information.

Space/room rental available hourly, daily, PT / FT for Wellness Practitioners. Email us for more information.

Healthy Roots

Integrative Wellness Center
Hudson, NH

Integrative Wellness Center Hudson, NH

Healthy Roots Integrative Wellness Center Hudson NH

Who We Are

Retreat back to nature along the Merrimack River at Healthy Roots Integrative Wellness Center.

At Healthy Roots, we support individuals and families along their journeys to good health and their best selves. Healthy Roots offers private and community-style integrative wellness sessions as well as education from leading experts in the field.

We believe health and wellness have many pillars. We invite you to explore our offerings and reach out to the provider who best suits your needs. For further guidance please reach out directly to

Our Practitioners & Services

Dr. Gabby Cohen

Dr. Gabby has a passion for holistic wellness and empowering her patients to take charge of their own health and well-being.

Dr. Gabby values one-to-one personal care, and her passion for wellness is truly what makes her care second to none. She started her own practice for just this reason; because she wants to be able to provide the quality of care that she knows is best for her clients.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Gabby values one-to-one personal care, and her passion for wellness is truly what makes her care second to none. She started her own practice for just this reason; because she wants to be able to provide the quality of care that she knows is best for her clients.

Webster Technique

A safe-gentle adjustment characterized by restoring neuro-biomechanical function and balance to the pelvis. It is used most often with pregnant women but can be utilized outside of pregnancy and with men.

Candice Trudel
Holistic Nutrition &
Ayurvedic Health

Candice Trudel Healthy Roots Nashua, NH

Candice Trudel is the owner of Live Well Nutrition and Ayurveda, LLC. She has grown her skillset to provide Holistic Nutrition and Ayurvedic Medicine Counseling, Energy and Ayurvedic Bodywork Treatments, as well as teaching Yoga locally in Nashua, NH. She specializes in Women’s Health, Lyme Disease, Digestive Health, and Circadian Medicine.

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition describes the process of taking food into the body and absorbing the nutrients in those foods based on the principle that everything is connected in some way. Overall health is approached from a whole-unique-person perspective where we not only have to digest our food, but we must also properly digest our experiences and emotions. It is important to consider when, where, and how you eat, where your food is sourced from, and even what your food ate.

Lyme-Magnetic Protocol

A treatment modality that targets the symptoms of Lyme disease and other pathogen infections. Positive and negative magnet pairs are placed in specific locations on the body to create a certain magnetic resonance. This resonance targets pathogens specific to these locations and neutralizes the environment in which it once habited. The pathogen dies off, inflammation is lowered and the function of the organ(s) is restored. This allows the body’s own immune system to take over and restore the body’s vitality.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine was practiced in tune with the connection of the human body to the natural world, and the circadian rhythms surrounding each. It is known as the original diet and lifestyle philosophy containing within its teachings, wisdom of universal knowledge. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of leading a life that brings one purpose, otherwise known as fulfilling your dharma.

Andrea Montgomery
Integrative Therapies

Andrea Montgomer Healthy Roots Nashua, NH

Andrea Montgomery is a nationally certified licensed massage therapist and foot reflexologist in MA and NH. Andrea graduated from the Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork in 2001 and holds over 1500+ hours of continuing training. She combines intuition with a unique holistic approach that blends many types of massage and energetic modalities to help clients achieve personal wellness.


Reflexology is based on the theory that we have corresponding points on our feet, hands, and ears that connect to other parts of our bodies through our nerve pathways. By stimulating these specific points it may help decrease stress, increase relaxation, and promote an overall sense of peace and well-being in the mind, body, and spirit.

Therapeutic Massage

Andrea offers many different types of Therapeutic Massage. Most often a combination of therapies are used to suit each individual’s needs. Whether you are looking for stress reduction and relaxation, you have a specific health concern, an injury, or chronic pain/tension, Massage Therapy may help.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a hands-on approach that assists to release tension and restrictions in the soft tissues that surrounds the central nervous system. This technique uses very light gentle pressure to help relieve pain and dysfunction in the body. The client may stay fully clothed during the session which helps the body facilitate its self-healing capabilities.

Reiki Master / Teacher

An ancient healing art that involves the placement of hands along the body to encourage the flow of energy allowing natural healing to occur. Reiki is a Japanese word that translates into Universal Energy. Reiki is the most well-known form of energy healing and is now being incorporated into many health care settings for pain management and chronic illness.

Elizabeth Gillis
Regain Health & Balance

Elizabeth Gillis / Regain Health & Balance

Elizabeth is the owner of Re-Gain Health. She discovered The Body’s incredible ability to overcome Health challenges after her own debilitating Illness decades ago.

Today she uses what she has learned to help people not only reclaim their health and well-being but in preventative care and to optimize athletic performance. Elizabeth treats all ages for diverse Physical, Mental and Emotional challenges.

Elizabeth has the highest training available in The BodyTalk HealthCare System. She utilizes BodyTalk, Parama, Body Intuitive, Energetic Fascia Balancing, Lymphatic Drainage, and San Baio acupoint stimulation.

She finds it very rewarding to give people and their pets lasting solutions when they have tried everything with little to no success. Elizabeth works with clients In-Clinic and remotely.

Healthcare Sessions – Bodytalk/Body Intuitive

Based on the concept that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself. BodyTalk combines the facts and findings of Western Medicine with Ancient and Eastern medicine. Body Intuitive focuses on Chinese Medicine and the latest advances in the science of health including Mind-Body connection, Epigenetics, and the Microbiome.

Using Neuromuscular Biofeedback and Precision Medical Intuition, the body is consulted for Yes/No responses to specific health-related questions. Sessions reveal what is causing imbalances that create pain, illness, and dysfunction in the body and corrects them.

Sessions excel for prevention and have helped clients (and their pets) with vast challenges including Stress and Overwhelm, Anxiety, Physical Pain, Cancer wellness support, mystery symptoms, Covid/Covid Long Hauler, vaccine side effects, infant development, personal growth, and much more.

Animals sessions are remote only.

Lymphatic Drainage – Veiltheim Method

This safe and incredibly effective technique supports the lymphatic system from a very unique perspective and utilizes knowledge of the lymphatic system from both a Western and Eastern perspective. Interstitial fluid and plasma are moved through tissues into the lymphatic system with this method.

Benefits include improved functioning of the immune system, balancing fluids in the blood, restoring skin hydration, improving tissue regeneration, reducing acute swelling, chronic edema, and congestion, reducing inflammation, promotes healing of injured tissues, Removes harmful substances and chemicals (including chemicals of emotions), improves circulatory disturbances and relieves stress.

Zero contra-indications.

Fascia Balancing

Healthy fascia is critical for mobility, addressing pain, and proper circulation of energy and fluids in the body. Fascia lesions result from stress, injury, surgery, and emotional trauma.

The concept of energy along with quantum principles and BodyTalk is used to work with energetic holograms of fascia, muscles, bones, joints, sutures, meninges, and foreign objects in the body. Fascia balancing increases mobility in muscles, organs, ligaments, tendons, and tissues of the body helping to reduce pain, release tension and optimize circulation.

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